The Price
The Invaders fanfiction

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The Price
Completed (1st February 2021)
Rating / warnings
Off-screen death.
Big spoilers for The Ransom.
The Leader, Cyrus Stone, Claudia Stone, Garth

After David got accidentally electrocuted while fighting them, the aliens tried to restart his heart. Truly, they did. But it was never guaranteed to work. And now, the kidnapped Leader has lost his bargaining chip.

February episode of David Vincent's monthly death, The Ransom AU.

Written for the Killing a character once a month of 2021 AO3 challenge, with the following prompt:

2. "Near death experience" - Does the character have a canon moment (or a fanfiction moment) where they're close to death, but make it out alive? Well, in some other reality they aren't that lucky my friend. Write about said reality. What if Barry Allen where killed by the lightning? What if Tony didn't save Peter after being dropped in a lake?

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The aliens' regeneration tubes could stop a human heart, but they could also restart a stopped one. At least, that was the theory. In practice, the technology had never been used this way before, and despite the Leader's earlier offer to heal Cyrus Stone's failing heart, there was no guarantee it would work, let alone on someone who had technically died.

When the poet demanded the aliens revive David in return for the Leader's freedom, a minute had already elapsed since the electrocution. A minute of oxygen deprivation for his brain and organs. They tried a first time –to no avail. Cyrus insisted, so they tried again. And again. And again. With each failed attempt, the Leader became more agitated, Cyrus slumped in his wheelchair, and Claudia went from defiant hope to quiet sobbing.

Finally, the Leader turned back to the poet one more time, even stiffer than before as he tried and failed to hide his worry: "It's been five minutes, Mr. Stone. It's time to admit it won't work. I'm sorry." He shook his head. "My people tried. I promise you they tried their best. The damage to Mr. Vincent's body must've been too extensive even for our regeneration tubes."

Cyrus gave him a scornful look, full of grief, resentment and contempt. "Then, Mr. Man-From-Space, you aren't as advanced as you think you are. You fancy yourselves oh so superior, yet all I see is vacuity. Like termites, all you can do is destroy. You never build."

There wasn't anything Cyrus could do, however. What would be the point of killing the Leader now? It wouldn't bring David back. If the old poet knew anything, it was that you could never make up for misery by causing more misery.

Just as Cyrus lowered his gun, dejected, Claudia leapt forward and snatched the weapon. Tears running down her cheeks, she pointed it at the Leader. "Save David or you don't go!" she cried.

While the Leader froze, his eyes slightly wide, Cyrus laid a hand on his granddaughter's arm. "Now, now, Claudia. This isn't how we act."

"First, they killed David's friend! And now they've killed him too!"

"And what do you think killing him would achieve?" he asked in an understanding but firm voice, his gaze on the alien.

The Leader jumped on the opportunity to chime in: "You should listen to your grandfather. He's the voice of reason."

Ignoring him, Cyrus gently took the gun from Claudia, who let him without resistance before running outside. She fell to her knees by David's lifeless body, dropped by the aliens at the bottom of the house stairs, and wept.

In the living room, the poet trained the gun at their prisoner again. He knew what he had to do, one last-ditch attempt to save what most mattered to him: the future of his precious granddaughter. "Those fifty years you promised me and failed to give to David, give them to her. Promise me you'll never do anything to harm her, either physically or mentally. Promise me whatever you do, whichever kind of world you replace ours with, you'll keep her alive, safe and happy for fifty years, plus interest for your failure to save Mr. Vincent."

After a second of staring silently at him, the Leader nodded. "I promise."

Of course, the old man had no way of ensuring the aliens would stay true to their word. There was nothing stopping them from killing Claudia or enslaving her if they so decided. They both knew it.

Cyrus lowered the gun, and without a further word, nodded towards the door.

Each step towards the regeneration truck brought the Leader more relief, until, as Garth helped him climb in, he fully acknowledged his ordeal was over at last.

"The two humans still know about us. Should we kill them?" his aide asked.

The Leader reflected for only an instant. "No," he answered.



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