My Stargate Atlantis fanfictions and other fanworks

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis, its universe and its characters are property of MGM. Only the plots and my original characters belong to me. These are unofficial fanfictions that are not endorsed in any way by MGM. They were written solely for enjoyment and I make no money with them.

Virtual Episodes

The following series of fanfictions take place somewhere after season 4. Michael is assumed to have been defeated somehow, and the wraith are back at war against each other and against Atlantis. The events contradict the real season 5 somewhat because I didn't want to rely on spoilers on yet to be aired episodes when I began writing.

These stories are follow-ups to each other; I strongly advise that you read them in order. ;-)

Glimpse into the Evil (completed — August 2008)
The Atlantis expedition detects once more Todd's subcutaneous transmitter and decides to check it out. John, Rodney and Ronon gate to the planet in a jumper, wondering what their wraith contact might want, but things don't exactly go as planned.
Of Wraith and Men (on indefinite hiatus; last update: December 2008)
In a desperate attempt to save a dying "ally", Atlantis launches a risky operation. But they didn't reckon with the intervention of ill-intentioned troublemakers who decided to jump at the opportunity.

Standalone Stories

These are standalone fanfictions which can be read in any order. They are unrelated to each other or to my virtual episodes.

Alone (completed — December 2008)
Teyla wakes up during the night to find that Atlantis has been deserted. This is an episode tag to Enemy at the Gate, so expect spoilers about the ending. You have been warned.

Wraith Font

[wraith alphabet] As I find wraith writing beautiful but couldn't find a wraith font, I've created my own. It is still a work in progress and some glyphs are lacking. Considering I'm a complete newbie with computer fonts, there may very well be problems in my font, but if you wish to play with it, you can download it (in TrueType format, or the XML description I used to build the font with the ttx command).

Here are sample texts:

Pegasus 4

I attended the Pegasus 4 convention at January 23 to 25 2009. For those who couldn't attend, and those who could but still want more souvenirs, you can look at my photos.

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