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Disclaimer: Doctor Who, its universe and its characters are property of the BBC. The Daleks belong conjointly to the BBC and the Terry Nation Estate. Only the plots and my original characters belong to me. These are unofficial fanfictions that are not endorsed in any way by the BBC. They were written solely for enjoyment and I make no money with them.


Series are independent from each other and can be read in any order. You might notice that I'm a major Dalek fan! I try to put a different spin on them, while keeping them in character.

Dalek Terrence series

The Nature of the Daleks (completed — 6th December 2012)

So, Daleks are a hateful, murderous, evil species. Their creator altered their genetic code for this very purpose. But what if he, the Doctor and the Daleks themselves were all wrong? Just to what extent is a person defined by their DNA?

Story featuring the 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, a couple original characters... and Daleks, obviously.

(Also available on AO3.)

Christmas at Dalek Terrence's (completed — 23rd December 2012)

This is a follow-up to The Nature of the Daleks. Don't expect anything serious, it's just a little Christmas fluff.

(Also available on AO3.)

Latoshk series

Taboo of the Daleks (completed — 15th November 2012)

Even before reaching self-awareness, he'd known Daleks are the superior beings and ought to dominate the entire universe. But if they truly are superior, why don't they always prevail?

This is the story of a Dalek who dared to question the strongest taboo of his kind.

(Also available on on AO3.)

Crossroads (completed — 24th September 2016)

Sequel to Taboo of the Daleks.

In a desperate gamble to prevent further attacks on their colony, the Latoshk humans save the life of the freethinking Dalek and negotiate a truce once again. But can such an unholy agreement survive the numerous threats, both internecine and from the outside? Not only countless lives are at stake, but also the universe's very balance of power.

Probably AU although it doesn't directly contradict the show, because the causality chain would ripple so far the Doctor would be made aware of this eventually.

(Also available on AO3.)

Life on Latoshk (completed — last update 26th October 2016)

Short snippets on the life in the Dalek-human alliance on Latoshk.

This is a collection of light-hearted and mostly unrelated scenes taking place after the events of Crossroads.

(Also available on AO3.)

Unrelated stories

These stories are independent from each other and can be read in any order.

See the stars (completed — 21st November 2012)

This is a very short and pretty random scene set at the end of Asylum of the Daleks to make the ending more hopeful. I just can so totally picture those two becoming friends and having fun together. Warning, huge spoilers for the episode! Right now, it is a one-shot, but I may or may not write a sequel in the future, depending on my inspiration.

(Also available on AO3.)

Culture Clash (completed — 28th January 2019)

Crossover with The Invaders.

The Doctor has a history of fighting hostile forces throughout time and space. When she lands in 1968 with her friends, they discover the sinister truth David Vincent had known for years: Aliens are infiltrating humanity to take over the Earth, and they will eliminate anyone who stands in their path. Can the time travellers' optimistic approach bring hope where there is none? Or will they be swept into David Vincent's nightmare world?

This fic was kindly published by the Guardians of Gallifrey as Tales from the Matrix issue 35.

(Also available on AO3.)

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