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Disclaimer: The Invaders, its universe and characters belong to their legal owners, who unfortunately aren't me. These are unofficial fanfictions that are not officially endorsed in any way. They were written solely for enjoyment and I make no money with them.

Standalone Stories

These stories are independent from each other and can be read in any order.

Additionally, I made a reference guide on the aliens, written from an in-universe perspective: Aliens are Real – By Elizabeth Garber (completed — 26th February 2021). We learn so little about them in the show, and what we do learn isn't even always consistent between episodes! The guide contains all the headcanon I built over time to unite it all into a coherent picture. You can also find it on AO3.

People And Beings (completed — 2nd November 2018)

Unfeeling alien creatures are walking the face of Earth in a human guise, planning to take over the planet. Harry Danielson knows the paranoia of a diffuse but constant threat; one day, owing to unnatural signals detected by a radio-telescope, he meets David Vincent.

The story is also available in French: Les Gens et les Ętres (4th February 2021).

(Also available on AO3)

Culture Clash (completed — 28th January 2019)

Crossover with Doctor Who.

The Doctor has a history of fighting hostile forces throughout time and space. When she lands in 1968 with her friends, they discover the sinister truth David Vincent had known for years: Aliens are infiltrating humanity to take over the Earth, and they will eliminate anyone who stands in their path. Can the time travellers' optimistic approach bring hope where there is none? Or will they be swept into David Vincent's nightmare world?

(Also available on AO3.)

The Visitor (completed — 24th December 2020)

Decades after his war against the aliens, as a dangerous pandemics sweeps over the world, a hospitalised David Vincent receives the visit of an old enemy.

(Also available on AO3)

To The Altar (completed — 5th January 2021)

Janet and Fred have immediately taken to each other. Nobody's surprised when they get married after just a few weeks –but it's all a lie. From their meeting to the vows, both of them reflect on their reasons to marry.

Prequel to The Trial. Beware spoilers!

(Also available on AO3)

Virtual Episodes

The following stories take place after the series finale and are structured like episodes. Just like canon, they're loosely ordered but are mostly independent from each other.

I also set up an AO3 collection for The Invaders fan episodes, including with links to similar such fanfics from other people.

The Proof (in progress; last update: 9th May 2019)

Scoville Electronics needs an upcoming lucrative contract with the American Defense to continue financing the fight against the invaders. These high-ranking contacts also give David's friend a chance to make a decisive move: Bring to the army undeniable proof of alien presence on Earth, and turn the tide of the war once and for all.

(Also available on AO3)

David Vincent Dies Once A Month Series

These texts are written for the Killing a character once a month of 2021 AO3 challenge.

A Lunatic's Death (completed — 29th January 2021)

In an alternative universe, Alan didn't enter the old power plant alone. Instead, it was David who interrupted the aliens while they were removing their regeneration tubes.

January episode of David Vincent's monthly death.

(Also available on AO3)

The Price (completed — 1st February 2021)

After David got accidentally electrocuted while fighting them, the aliens tried to restart his heart. Truly, they did. But it was never guaranteed to work. And now, the kidnapped Leader has lost his bargaining chip.

February episode of David Vincent's monthly death, The Ransom AU.

(Also available on AO3)

The Embrace of Charon (completed — 9th March 2021)

The aliens will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about their existence from spreading. Even –as David Vincent finds out– if it means murdering the entire town of Carterville after the inhabitants witness the death and incineration of one of them. A thousand souls, about to be swept away when the aliens finish breaking the dam. A thousand souls, David Vincent among them.

March episode of David Vincent's monthly death, alternative ending for Valley of the Shadow.

(Also available on AO3)

Devoured by Butterflies (completed — 29th April 2021)

Insects. Omnipresent on Earth, generally ignored, though often seen as pests, occasionally gazed upon, sometimes poisonous or vectors of illness, but seldom terrifying to the average human, and never before to David Vincent.

Until the aliens weaponised them.

April episode of David Vincent's monthly death, based on Nightmare.

(Also available on AO3)

Buried in Hell (completed — 31st May 2021)

When David Vincent is injured in the self-destruct of an underground alien base, he knows he needs help to make it out alive –wherever said help comes from. But sometimes, even cooperation isn't enough to avert a grim fate.

May episode of David Vincent's monthly death, alternative ending for The Leeches.

(Also available on AO3)

Goodbye, David (completed — 30th June 2021)

At the most important summit meeting of the century, David and his one-off alien ally Ellie Markham fight to stop her people's plot to assassinate the world leaders in one fell swoop. In an alternative universe, the missile is launched, and the poison gas does its work.

June episode of David Vincent's monthly death.

(Also available on AO3)

Consequences (completed — 31st July 2021)

General Concannon only knew war, and war he unleashed on the world. Archie Harmon failed to stop him from bombing the alien Leaders, and after the most destructive conflict the world has ever seen, he now stands on trial for his responsibility.

July episode of David Vincent's monthly death, set in an alternative version of The Peacemaker in which Concannon succeeds.

(Also available on AO3)

For a Brother (completed — 31st August 2021)

When the aliens kidnap and threaten David Vincent's brother Bob, he is left with little choice but to offer his life in exchange.

August episode of David Vincent's monthly death. Alternative ending for Wall of Crystal, in which Theodore Booth doesn't come to the abandoned winery.

(Also available on AO3)

Among Us Crossover Series

The Invaders aliens used as impostors in an Among Us-like setting.

For years already, alien beings have infiltrated the unsuspecting population. Sleeper agents ready to turn from trusted friend, colleague, security guard, to merciless killer at a moment's notice. Who can be trusted, and who is a deceiving murderer? When the truth is revealed, it is often too late.

Even MIRA isn't safe. And the aliens are more determined than ever.

The Impostors (completed — 13th Feburary 2021 — may be expanded)

Dana Norman thought getting back to her desk after mandatory closing hours would merely put her job at risk. She was wrong. The conspiracy she discovers is deadly, and she must warn people the Skeld is in danger.

(Also available on AO3)

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