My fanfictions

Besides original fiction in French, I've written several fan fictions about the TV shows I like:

Doctor Who

I love the Daleks, so most if not all my Doctor Who stories are about them. More specifically, I love toying with the idea that some of them might learn to live in peace with the rest of the universe, while still keeping most of their other core characteristics.

The Invaders

The Invaders is an underappreciated series that deeply marked my teenage years. I've rediscovered it for its 50th anniversary, and have decided to try my hand at fanfiction.

Among Us

While I've never played the Among Us game, it provides a neat setting for space-based fanfiction with aliens. After reading one too many fic set in this universe, I've decided to try my hand at it too.

Stargate Atlantis

I used to be a big Stargate Atlantis fan. I've reposted here old fanfictions of mine and hope you enjoy them, but I probably won't be writing any more in the future. As of now, Of Wraith and Men can be considered on permanent hiatus, since my motivation basically died with the show itself. I might find my inspiration back someday, but it won't be anytime soon.

You can also find me on AO3 as LauraDove. I used to be on, but after they essencially blacklisted me (technically, my security-enhanced computer) when moving to CloudFlare in December 2020, I won't grant them my fanfictions anymore.

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Last update: 23th March 2021.